Atoma – Brand in the spotlight (2010-03-01 14:52:31)Tips for purchases

Atoma is in the world of paper a name we can hardly ignore. The original binding system with the typical rings of this company is familiar to almost everyone, both young and old. This product has very often been copied, but it never got equaled. It is important to mention that Atoma can be considered as a typical Belgian product, with a timeless design as its basis.

Brand in the spotlight: Clairefontaine notebooks and folders (2010-03-01 14:42:04)Bruneau

Clairefontaine has built an enviable reputation in the office paper sector. The paper products of those companies are known as the absolute top in their market segment. The French company has played a pioneer role in the development of new products and is still notorious as one of the guiding companies within the sector.

Can you use recycled paper at your office? (2011-01-31 11:46:59)

A lot of claims are made about recycled paper: poor quality, less white than traditional paper, polluting production process. True or false?

Clairefontaine paper and envelopes: Brand in the spotlight (2010-03-01 14:41:14)Bruneau

The paper production has a long tradition in the valley of Meurthe. The first paper mills have been founded in this French region in the sixteenth century. The paper tradition has never been lost in that region, the inhabitants of the region even have systematically expanded their know-how with regard to the paper sector.

Clairefontaine special paper : Brand in the spotlight (2010-03-01 14:43:00)Bruneau

Clairefontaine has a long tradition in the paper production. The history of the company goes back until the sixteenth century. The paper production was at that time of course far lesser organized than nowadays. In the field of paper processing the inhabitants of the valley of Meurthe have had lots of opportunities to intensify their experience.

The right paper for every printing job (2011-01-21 09:15:08)

Out of all the choices, how can you choose the best paper for your printing and publication needs? Answering this requires a look at a number of aspects. It depends on the purpose of your printed matter. For a product folder with colour photographs, you will need a different kind of paper than for an internal memo. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a few different kinds of paper on hand so that you can choose the best type for each job. We’ll show you the way in the world of paper.