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When buying a shredder, the first aspect determining your choice is your budget. How much do you want to invest in this type of equipment? The answer to this question will depend among others on the quantity of paper that your office produces. It makes little sense of course to make a large investment when your paper production is minimal. Many offices however really do generate big quantities of paper, and they would therefore be well-advised to buy a powerful shredder. A shredder with insufficient capacity will quickly show signs of wear and tear. Naturally, you should also think about the safety aspect.

The cutting system is a major part of the machine and as such must be maintained regularly. If you maintain it regularly, you will significantly extend the life of this component of your shredder. Clean your shredder’s cutting system with a mix of detergent and alcohol or vinegar. Mix these liquids in a container and clean the cutting system as well as the other vital parts of the shredder with a cloth. Dust can be removed with a dry cloth.

JM Bruneau is a specialist in the matter and as such has a wide selection of shredders in its catalogue. We are also ideally placed to advise your company when it comes to acquiring a shredder. We are more than happy to share all this information with our customers.

The Ideal 3103 shredder is intended for intensive use. This machine shreds paper up to A3 size and copes with staples and paper clips alike. The shredder uses the SPS system. This electronic safety device stops the machine automatically when the paper collector is full. The electronic protection of the door and automatic stop in the event of excess weight guarantees that the device runs safely.

The Ideal 2240 shredder is a basic shredder for small offices.

The HSM 70.2 shredder cuts the paper into strips. Its powerful capacity makes it ideal for all types of offices. The shredder starts up when paper is inserted into the machine and stops automatically. This machine also has a thermal safety device which switches it off when the temperature in the motor exceeds a certain threshold. The HSM 70 cuts paper into strips of 3.9 mm, it has safety level 2 and can take 4/5 sheets at the same time. The HSM 80 cuts either strips of 3.9 mm or shreds of 3 x 25 mm, the safety level is 2/3, and it can take 4/5 sheets of paper at a time.

The Shredstar shredder is powerful and silent. It starts and stops automatically after the paper is inserted. The speed varies from 84 mm/sec to 130 mm/sec, depending on the model. Capacities range up to 10 sheets of 70 g paper.

The HSM Securio 24 shredder cuts items into strips and has a slot for CDs.

The JM Bruneau shredder is a basic shredder for small offices or home offices.

The JM Bruneau shredder is a basic shredder for small offices or home offices.