Your printer buying guide: buy the right printer for your companyBruneau

In an office environment, printers are one of the most essential and frequently used pieces of equipment. Working without a printer in a modern office today is simply unthinkable. This is why the choice of a printer needs to be weighed up seriously before you make your purchase. The price of course is an important factor, but a possibly even more important one is the use to which the printer will be put.

When preparing to buy a printer, it is important to look at a few points. Who will be using the printer and when? If it is to be used by different members of staff, the network that contains the printer will have to be reconfigured. The print volumes are also an important consideration. It makes a big difference whether you will be printing hundreds of pages a day or hundreds of pages a month. In the latter example, a cheaper inkjet printer might suffice.

It is also important to look at what you want to print. Will you be printing ordinary documents, or will you also be printing many photos? For the latter, the aspect of colour will play an important role. Not all printers are suitable for printing photos. An aspect you should bear in mind. Don’t forget either to take account of the physical dimensions of the printer. Those dimensions can be important in a relatively compact office. Below you will find a complete list of the important questions to think about when acquiring a printer.

Which questions do you need to ask yourself before you buy a printer?

  • What volumes will I be printing?
  • How important is speed?
  • What are you going to print? Photos or text documents?
  • How many people will use the printer?
  • How much room do I have for the printer?
  • Do I want to be able to use it for copying and faxing as well?
  • What is my budget?
  • What is my budget?