Your dictaphones buying guideBruneau

When buying dictaphones, no matter which model, it is always important to be selective. Preference will of course go to a professional and reliable model. In addition, a few other important choices should be made. Many dictaphones still work with tapes, but digital models are gaining in popularity. Which model should you choose? This depends on your needs, and also on the technological aptitude of the user.

The size of the dictaphone is also something to take into consideration. Portable models exist as well as even smaller models that will fit into a pocket. Dictaphones with a built-in microphone are naturally very handy, as they avoid you having to fuss around with accessories. Rewind speed is also a factor. With professional Dictaphones, this speed is usually sufficiently high. Compatibility with PCs is obviously also an asset.

There are many options when it comes to dictaphones. JM Bruneau has digital dictaphones as well as dictaphones with tapes in its range. If you want to know more about these convenient devices, please feel free to contact us at any time for advice.

The Philips dictaphone is one of the hits in the collection. You can read the functions on the screen and it has all the required functions. The device has all the characteristics of dictaphones used by secretaries.

The cassette-based Philips Pocket Memo 381 and 388 combine simplicity, effectiveness and security. They are easy to program and to use. Optimal sound quality is guaranteed and the sound regulation when recording and playing back is also excellent. Voice activation is another feature and it allows you to dictate hands-free. Speedy access to any place on the tape is easy thanks to the Turbo Wind technology.

The Philips LFH 720 analogue dictaphone is a desktop model that is designed completely for user-friendliness. The content of the tape is visible at a glance via the LCD screen so that individual documents can be opened with a simple press of the button.

Another interesting device is the Philips LFH9750, a desktop model combines the user-friendliness of cassette-based models with the advantages of digital transcription, such as the removable Multimedia / SD card and the DSS file format with optimal storage capacity. You can download the discussions directly to your PC using a USB cable.

The Philips LHF 9370 portable digital dictaphone is a handy, sturdy and efficient device with similar characteristics to the LFH 9750 desktop variant.