Writing pads and notebooks for all your needsTips for purchases

Translating your thoughts, marking your ideas or taking notes always requires a quality support. Writing pads, notebooks and other blocks… we love them for the grain of their paper, their sober or coloured coverage, their perfect size and their finishing touches without compromise. Discover and adopt the notebook or pad that suits you, for an unmatched pleasure to write.

Very girly notebooks

Violet, orange, aniseed green, raspberry pink or simply taupe… this small notebook, practical and manageable, will find its place in your handbag and can be used everywhere and anywhere. It’s called Rhodiarama and it will make eyes at you with its multicoloured covers in artificial leather and its elastic band. You won’t manage to part with it anymore!

Businesswomen will perhaps prefer the Beauty Daybook notebook by Oxford. There as well the vibrant colours are eye-catching. Its white or lined pages, its headings and its margins dedicated to your notes will turn this notebook into the perfect assistant, at home as well as at the office. With its silky smooth cover, its bookmark and its storage pouch, the Beauty Daybook is perfect for all your drawings, your to-do lists and all kinds of reminders.

Elegance and character

Sober tones, refinement and attention to detail are the key words of the Signature notebooks by Oxford. Perfect for a better image at the office, this small notebook will become an indispensable accessory! Besides a cover in imitation leather and an embossed logo, he adorns himself with design colours that turn it in to a real business journal. This great sized notebook has a gray inner lining, a cord bookmark and an indispensable reminder, that will satisfy all people who are constantly moving around.

A bit more classic and with a very masculine look – but definitely chic and discrete – are the Rhodia black or white blocks. They will be essential to take notes quickly and with ease.

An organization always on top

The most organized people can only appreciate the multifunctional notebooks. At Atoma the translucent cover opens a flawless arrangement because it’s completely adjustable. On the inside you can put and relocate sheets, dividers and transparent sleeves at your wish. You can mix your notes, reflections and documents according to your needs without mixing them up. At home as well as at the office everything is grouped in the same notebook that is without a doubt very functional!

An all-in-one in bright colours

In the era of tablets and smartphones this versatile and progressive notebook has something to say! Imagine a notebook with integrated storage pockets and bookmarks, removable dividers, tear sheets or a pen holder… Light and trendy , this must of the all-in-one is made by Leitz and is called Be Mobile. And as we like to put sunshine and good humor in everyday objects, this notebook comes in bright colours. Quickly, choose yours!

You finally feel ready to renounce your old notebooks, dated and bland? We understand perfectly! The pleasure of writing passes, now more than ever, by the happiness of being able to write in a notebook that suits you. And do not forget that having a pretty notebook at hand is a guaranteed sign of organization and efficiency…