With a notebook table you can work anywhere

The right sitting position

Notebook tables allow you to use your laptop in an ergonomically responsible way, wherever you want. Without a notebook table you probably balance your laptop on your lap. In this working position, you have to bend your neck to look at the screen. That is not comfortable and after a while, your legs will get hot. What’s more, this heat can have an impact on the performance of your portable PC. Using a notebook table will give you a more correct viewing position that will naturally give you a better working posture. The pressure on your neck, back and wrists is reduced.

Work wherever you want

Flexible working is in these days. A lot of employees and entrepreneurs no longer work at a fixed location but work mobilely. This may be at home, on the road, in a different department at the company or from a hotel. That is why people use laptops these days instead of a PC at a permanent desk. In many cases, the notebook is the ideal replacement for the fairly inflexible desktop computer. However, the portable PC is designed for short periods of use. A laptop does not meet the ergonomic standards established for computer screens. Working incorrectly with a laptop can therefore increase the risk of RSI-injury.

RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury is a name for a painful condition in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands as a result of strain due to repeated movements or a static position. Working with a laptop in an incorrect sitting posture can cause RSI. Read more here about mouse arm, RSI or CTS. (link naar artikel “Maak komaf met muisarm, RSI of CTS”)

Notebook table for more relaxed working position

The advantage of a laptop is of course that you can work wherever and whenever you want. With the help of a laptop table you can use your portable PC in the most comfortable way possible. You can check your e-mails sitting in your favourite chair, on the couch or even lying in bed without causing fatigue from an unnatural working position.

Notebook tables come in different models:

  • folding and adjustable in height or
  • on legs, with or without wheels

Working in the car

For working in the car, there are laptop tables with straps for attachment to the steering wheel or the back of the front seat. They’re also adjustable in height and have an anti-slip surface as well as a raised edge so that the laptop is secure.

Some tips when buying a notebook table:

  • Take into account the style of your interior or the style or your office furniture. Both classic and contemporary models are available.
  • Keep in mind the dimensions of your screen.
  • The table must be adjustable in height.
  • Ensure that the laptop sits securely on the table. Some tables have an anti-slip surface or Velcro.
  • You can choose a model with or without a holder for the mouse.
  • Some laptop tables are ultra light and collapsible which makes them easy to transport.