Which storage system should you choose?

There are different ways to store and archive materials. What are the advantages of each system and which system is suited to your needs?

Shelving units: easy to expand

Ideal if you are looking for a solution for archives that is flexible and easy to expand: the shelving unit


  • Flexible

You can certainly place shelving units against the wall, or simply leave them freestanding. If you choose the latter solution, then you can even use a double arrangement. This way you can create a corridor of shelving units.

  • Multifunctional

Whatever you want to store or archive, there are solutions for all types of materials: archive boxes, hanging files, file folders.

  • Quality finishing

Shelving units exist in all types and sizes: high, low, epoxy coated metal, in plaatstaal [made of steel sheet], met afdekpanelen [with covers]. Adapted for any task imaginable, and always with high quality finishing.

Shelving for archives: strong and practical

Shelving for archive boxes is perfect if you need to access your archived documents regularly.


  • Price conscious

The no-frills design makes this type of shelving a winner when it comes to price.

  • Solid

An archive shelving unit can flawlessly hold up to 18 large archive boxes. So it’s ideal for large files and heavy binders.

  • Practical

No-frills also means that it’s quick to assemble: you can put together a shelving unit for archiving in no time.

Industrial shelving: for heavy-duty use

For heavy or large loads, it is advisable to choose industrial shelving: loads of up to 500 kg or more are no problem for this type of extra strength shelving.


  • Very strong

Perfect for storing heavy to very heavy boxes or other loads

  • Stable and safe

The holes drilled in the base provide an anchoring point in the floor: greater stability and safety.