Warehouse organisation – choose the right shelves for your warehouseBruneau

Efficient organisation is a must for every well-functioning warehouse. That is why warehouse organisation is a factor requiring adequate attention. When organising a warehouse, start from a detailed plan that might subsequently be optimised on the basis of the employees’ remarks and observations. Ultimately, everyone will have to be able to live with the warehouse’s organisation.

You will definitely have to pay attention to a number of factors for your warehouse organisation. These basic factors apply to every company, but further additions can be tailored to individual circumstances. However, the following standard recommendations apply to all companies:

  • make sure that your shelving is strong enough (calculate the weight it will have to bear and choose the correct shelving);
  • draw up a plan of your warehouse beforehand;
  • make sure that all shelves are easily accessible;
  • make sure that you do not stack too high – otherwise there will be a danger of toppling;
  • make sure that there are enough steps and ladders.

Naturally, the safety element must also be taken into account when organising a warehouse. Accidents – for example with fork-lift trucks – must be avoided as much as possible. That is why, for example, it is important that by using line markings, clear divisions are made between the areas destined for workers on foot and the areas for the fork-lift trucks. In larger warehouses drawing up a traffic route – including right-of-way rules – are definitely no luxury.

Good warehouse organisation is one thing, but a warehouse must also be maintained properly. It may not be allowed to become a shambles because that only helps create danger. Small things often make a large difference in this respect. It is therefore important that goods are stacked correctly to avoid them falling over.

JM Bruneau sells an extensive range of shelving for warehouses. We shall examine two models in detail, but would like to add that both models are available in various sizes. There is, for example, a basic unit of warehouse organisation that has the following main characteristics:

  • Storage systems with tubular structure (option of wooden Isorel shelf; do not forget to add this to your order if necessary)
  • extra sturdy;
  • can be perfectly modulated according to bespoke configuration;
  • structure: durable metal tubing, 15/10 steel, epoxy lacquered;
  • accessories: height extension posts adjustable per 6.2cm, with 1 or 2 reinforcing beams, depending on the depth;
  • optional wooden Isorel shelf;
  • dimensions: height 200cm or 250cm (25% more storage space for the same surface area);
  • width: 100cm or 125cm;
  • depth: 40, 50 or 60cm;
  • bearing capacity of extension posts: up to 200kg;
  • easy to assemble without screws or tools.
  • easy to assemble without screws or tools.