Vintage enters the office floorTips for purchases

These days, it is very trendy to get inspiration from fashion mouvements out of the past. Even on the office floor, you can find more and more retro accents. Uncommon shapes, reinvented materials and unique shades will bring new life in the configuration of your office.

Choose for a subtle vintage look

When you are searching for small - but stylish - office equipment, you can choose between simple lines and structured shapes, for a new and relaxing life- and working style.

Do you want to cheer up your daily activities a little bit? If so, we recommend the stylish stapler from Rapid, the Classic Retro. Thanks to its original design and its high quality, you will be able to enjoy it for a very long time. It deserves for certain a primary spot on your desk, due to the irresistible radiation and the unique character of this authentic object.

Pay some attention to the organisation of your office and use the available space optimally. Be seduced by the light chairs from Studyo, which are enormously qualified thanks to their geometrical undercarriage and their compact seat.

The firm and exceptionally functional monoblock Budget drawer cabinet with 3 drawers will delight fans of a pure and sober style, who follow the new fashion styles from nearby.

In order to complete the retro look, you have lots of other possibilities at your disposal. Give in to pastel coloured office equipment, e.g. the document sleeves with bellows, the archive boxes in cardboard from Adine, the Easy Velcro suspension files from Ultimate Elba and the extremely useful checked bristol cards. They are the perfect addition to your traditional tools, and they let the office environment revive completely. Practical and strong, with respect for the environment : you will use them without doubt on daily basis !

Retro for a small price

The industrial style or the zeitgeist of the ‘50s and the ‘60s are a great source of inspiration to the retro look of our furniture. Their soft curves and the pop art colours provide a more modern appearance.

It is very popular today to mix different styles, for a very contemporary configuration, full of character. Some old fashioned, decorative models create an exquisite atmosphere in your office, filled with furniture in wood or metal. A good example of this is the low industrial cabinet in steel with swinging doors.

Among the retro furniture for daily use, you will find the extra managable Bruneau folding chairs. The Mody office chair stands out thanks to its disc-shaped undercarriage. It unites at the same time the user friendliness of a comfortable bucket seat and the charm of a retro pattern. Another article deserves also your attention : the elegant table with a white, round top and a tulip shaped undercarriage. This table will definitely be an eye-catcher during informal conversations.

Our magnetic, round and sober wall clock could spring directly from a typical factory from the ‘50s, whereas the Fluo Success desk lamp attracts the attention thanks to its superb gloss and its practical design.

Finally, we would also like to put some smaller details in the spotlight, e.g. the Kickmaster Wesco garbage can in rustproof red steel, which combines usefulness and aesthetics.

The retro configuration achieves lots of succes in office environments. Original and stylish objects turn up more and more in a professional context, for a modern and casual atmosphere. This trend is more beloved than ever. Everywhere, people choose - sometimes more subtly - for furniture and accessories, derived from a vintage look or the industrial style. This increases significantly the welfare and the dynamics in the working space.