Useful tip: energy-saving light bulbs in the officeBruneau

Aiming to achieve a sustainable company obviously has complications for the business world. This means that companies pay more attention to the environment, because they realise that the earth’s natural energy sources will not be available forever. There are a large number of environmentally friendly measures that can be implemented on the shop floor but the introduction of energy-saving light bulbs in the office is in any event an invaluable tip.

The most important benefit of energy-saving light bulbs is that they consume very little electricity. Osram, the light bulb manufacturers, calculated that if everyone in Europe alone were to use energy-saving light bulbs, the total CO2 emission would be reduced annually by 57 million tonnes. That amount is nothing less than stunning because it corresponds with the consumption of all the cars in Spain over a period of 12 months. What is perhaps even more impressive is that the reduction of the CO2 emission, still according to the calculations of Osram, corresponds to the CO2 emission absorbed by 2.85 billion trees in one year. To make it even more concrete: one energy-saving light bulb saves 25 kg of CO2.

In addition, energy-saving light bulbs in the office also reduce the amount of waste, which is a second (and as strong a) benefit. There are, however, more advantages worth mentioning, of which some are less obvious. An energy-saving light bulb provides four to five times more light per Watt, for example, which makes it possible to replace a normal 60-Watt light bulb Watt with an energy-saving light bulb of 12 to 15 Watts. However, this is only the beginning. Scientists are constantly doing research on energy-saving light bulbs that are even more energy-efficient. New progress is made regularly in this respect. The energy-saving light bulb of the future will therefore be even more economical than the light bulbs that we know today.

Let us not forget to mention the longer life of an energy-saving light bulb in the office. The differences compared with the old traditional light bulbs are simply impressive! A light bulb has a maximum life span of 1,500 hours, but in the case of an energy-saving bulb, the life span is a multiple of this. Yet, as we have already said: technology is not static. Everything seems to indicate that there will be more powerful energy-saving light bulbs on the market.

Technologically speaking, there are more possibilities with energy-saving light bulbs than with ordinary light bulbs. As far as colour is concerned, for example, an energy-saving light bulb can offer various shades of white. Energy-saving light bulbs in the office with an adjusted shading of white is one of the options. The energy-saving light bulb may therefore, without exaggeration, be regarded as an major step forward in the lighting world.

In the first place, JM Bruneau has included the fluorescent Faststart lamp of 20W with a pin or screw base in its catalogue. This Mini Lynx Fast Start ultra-compact fluorescent lamp has the following characteristics:

  • starts instantaneously, with all the benefits of a compact energy-saving light bulb;
  • provides white light without flickering;
  • same colour shade as for incandescent bulbs;
  • 2 models: 11W or 20W, with a choice of screw base or pin-based fitting.

For more information on energy-saving light bulbs, you can always contact JM Bruneau. Contacting us is just a click away.