Uni-ball – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The brand name Uni-ball is propriety of the Mitsubishi Pencil Company. This Japanese company is also well represented on the European market. It is for instance the biggest player on the British Rollerball Pen market. In 2006 six out of ten of the most sold Rollerball ballpoints carried the Uni-ball logo in the United Kingdom.

Mitsubishi Pencils has been founded in Tokyo in 1887 and always had the ambition to sell unique products. The headquarters, the research and development department and the production facilities are still located in Tokyo. The European headquarters are located in the British Worcester. The company has subsidiaries and distributors worldwide.

Jm Bruneau is offering following products of the assortment of Uni-Ball:

  • The Uni-ball Signo Broad Metallic is a series of gel ballpoints with metalized ink.
  • The Signo Gel, Gel Grip and Impact are flexible rollerball ballpoints with fast drying ink. The “Grip” variant disposes of a rubber grip for an optimal writing comfort and the “Impact” version has an extra broad writing tip
  • For the Uni-ball Signo 207 a special UV and water resistant pigment ink has been developed. This pen is very comfortable with its ergonomic designed rubber grip and scratch free tip.
  • The Vision Elite is equipped with the 'Airplane Safe' technology which prohibits the leakage of this roller pen on board of planes which are a result of changes of the air pressure in the cab. This makes the pen ideal for frequent and business travelers.
  • The Jet Stream is the ultimate writing instrument for people who are keen on a comfortable and yet stylish writing style. This pen is also very appropriate for left-handed people.
  • The Uni-Ball Eye has an unique ink refill system which assures the ink is being used until the last drop.
  • The Power Tank Eco is for the most part made of recycled materials. This ballpoint is extremely suitable for outside usage and in extreme circumstances. Writing on wet paper, in extreme cold temperatures and even holding the ballpoint upside down won’t cause any problem.
  • The Uni-Ball Click Correct correction pen has a useful retractable tip and corrects precisely and quickly.
  • The Posca permanent marker on a water basis produces non-transparent, lively colors and writes on paper, plastic and glass.
  • The Uni-Ball Prockey permanent markers ensure a colorfast and covering result and can also be used on CDs and DVDs.

The products of Uni-ball are of course largely represented in the catalogue of JM Bruneau. Our experts will be very pleased to give you more explanation on these products.