Uhu – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Uhu is a name we can no longer ignore in the field of glue products. This is due to the assortment of qualitative adhesives which have been included in the range of this company. The history of Uhu goes back to 1905, when the pharmacist August Fischer bought up the small chemical factory Ludwig Hoerth (established in 1884). Fischer was at the time specialized in stamp pads, dyes and adhesives.

The great breakthrough occurred when August Fischer developed the first ready-to-use crystal clear resin glue. This invention formed the basis of the adhesive products on which base Uhu established his business model in the subsequent decades. The glue of the company –packaged in black and yellow tubes – has become one of the most renowned brand names in the office sector worldwide.

The Uhu Twist and Glue is an all-purpose glue which is presented in an handy bottle. This rechargeable glue is ideal for an universal usage at school, at home or in the office. Moreover, this glue can easily be removed from your clothes: you just need to wash it at 60° degrees. Besides, JM Bruneau also offers a variant of this product which is friendly both for the skin and the environment: the UHU Twist and Glue dissolvent – which has been dermatological tested in detail and which is consequently not harmful to the skin.

The glue stick Uhu is a comfortable and environmental friendly glue stick without dissolvent. The unique screw button hermetically shuts and thus prevents the drying of the glue. This glue is universally applicable – both on cardboard, paper, dust, leather, wood, metal, glass, polystyrene, etc….

The Patafix Uhu is a removable and recyclable adhesive paste for a quick and clean fixation of small objects, such as posters and pictures on almost all surfaces, such as walls, pieces of furniture, windows…Those strips have numerous applications available in home, at school and in the office.

The glue products of Uhu are of course widely present in the assortment of a specialized office equipper such as JM Bruneau. Click here to find more about it.