Trodat – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Just before the beginning of the First World War, stamp specialist Trodat was founded in Vienna, Austria. As this company exists presently almost a complete century, it has gained during the years a lot of experience in this area. Now situated in Wels in Austria, Trodat remains still the world leader in the production and the sale of stamps and other associated products.

Both in 1995 and 2008, the company received respectively the ISO 9001 certificate and the ISO 14001 certificate. As 98% of the total turnover is realized outside the own borders, it is certainly clear that Trodat wants to be actively present on the international market. The Trodat stamps are sold in almost 160 countries. The company thanks its big success most of all to the focus on the core activities, i.e. development, production, marketing and distribution of stamps and other marking methods. Nevertheless, the main speciality of the company stays the production of stamps for general usage in offices.

One of the typical successful products of this company is the Printy, a very compact automatic inking stamp. This stamp with an ergonomic design is available in a large number of different sizes and ink colours. It is easy to compose your own personalized stamps with the texts and images of your choice. For the creation of a personalized stamp, you need to send your stamp data to the following e-mail address: perso@jm-bruneau.be.

The Trodat Professional stamps have the following qualities:

  • Liability: the new Trodat Professional is improved and renewed to respond better to the demands of the intensive users. It is made from different kinds of reinforced metals and plastic and it has passed successfully the most severe examinations.
  • Cleanness: thanks to the new cover, you can change now the date and other texts without making your fingers dirty.
  • Personalization: Every stamp is unique. With just one glimpse at the available stamps, the users should be able to recognize all the different types. This explains why Trodat sells supplementary blue and black ink cassettes.
  • Trodat Typomatic stamps are self-composable marking articles with a great level of flexibility. They contain a game of letters and a pincer that make it possible to change easily the text on your stamps.
  • The Pre-Inked Trodat stamps give you a good alternative for the traditional stamps with ink pad. They have an integrated ink reservoir that replaces the classic ink pad. Due to the ergonomic design of the “soft-grip” stamps, they are very comfortable and easy to use.

The Trodat stamps have been added to the total offer of JM Bruneau. If you still struggle with some questions regarding these stamps, don’t hesitate to contact us.