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Hand hygiene is important at the office

We actually use our hands to work, get dressed and eat the whole day, but also to greet one another, for example. In the business world, people definitely greet one another regularly by shaking hands. There is nothing wrong with that, except that shaking hands is not really a hygienic activity.

Let us stick to the hard facts: hands are sensitive and vulnerable. That means that they are ideal carriers for viruses that can survive for a few days on ordinary objects such as taps and door handles. Anyone touching a tap or door handle runs the risk of picking up a virus. The consequences are obvious: viruses are passed on by shaking people’s hands. In other words, hand hygiene at the office is very important. This leads us on naturally to the Tork soap dispensers.

Tork soap dispensers have been specially developed to improve hand hygiene. Washing one’s hands carefully with soap and then drying them (thoroughly) with a towel can reduce the spread of viruses to a minimum. The risks of infections are therefore much smaller, thanks to hand hygiene. Both soap and towels can contribute to the best possible hygiene.

People often listen good-heartedly to a story on hand hygiene, but without any concrete consequences. The listeners answer that it is probably all true, but, in practice, we experience hardly any trouble. However, the Mexican ‘flu has given this issue a completely different dimension. Suddenly everyone was talking about the necessity for hand hygiene. It quickly transpired that in some places the influenza virus spread very rapidly due, among others, to inadequate hand hygiene.

The Mexican ‘flu was declared a pandemic worldwide, which boils down to an epidemic with maximum infection risk. In the end, it all turned out better than expected, but it was definitely a wake-up call. It appeared that the Mexican ‘flu struck age groups (pregnant women and young people, for example) who were hardly at risk when it came to the ordinary seasonal influenza. On the shop floor, too, this new influenza virus can strike suddenly and unexpectedly.

What we have to remember about the Mexican ‘flu is that hand hygiene is indeed important. There is always the chance that the world will be confronted with a new virus sooner or later, which could be even more dangerous. The Mexican pandemic has made the business world pay more attention to hand hygiene. That is apparent from, among others, the increased interest in Tork soap dispensers.

There is probably no need for JM Bruneau to convince you of the importance of hand hygiene any more. With the Tork S1 aluminium soap dispenser, your company will have a top model. The following are the main characteristics of this soap dispenser:

  • sober design in very trendy materials;
  • front in brushed aluminium, grey plastic edges;
  • for refills of Tork liquid soap, capacity of 1 litre;
  • dimensions: H 29cm x W 10.5cm x D 10.5cm.

There is also the Tork S1 soap dispenser, which has the following characteristics:

  • ABS model;
  • visible soap level;
  • dimensions: H 28.8cm x W 11.2cm x 10.5cm.

Are you convinced of the benefit of hand hygiene and are you interested in Tork soap dispensers? In that case, you can obtain more information at JM Bruneau with just one click.