Tork - Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The company Tork is an expert in the production of the so-called “Away-from-Home” products and services, both for personal hygiene and for cleaning, purifying and polishing in the business world. This enterprise has added in its own catalogue a complete range of hand wipers and special products ready to use in the health care. Tork has gained a lot of fame after the great success of its dispensers for soap and toilet paper.

JM Bruneau has also introduced a very wide assortment of Tork products in its catalogue:

  • Hand wipers Tork Universal. They guarantee an outstanding quality for a small price. These throwaway hand wipers are made from cellulose wadding and assure a very good absorption and resistance. They fit perfectly in the Tork Classic Box dispenser.
  • For the development of the soap dispenser Tork S1, with a very simple design, Tork used extremely new material: the front is in brushed aluminium; both sides are in grey plastic. At JM Bruneau you will also find the liquid soap of the same brand.
  • For the design of the hand wiper dispensers, Tork needed the expertise of experienced creators and frequent users. This has finally resulted in a large range of dispensers, with a special focus on the following 3 characteristics: conviviality, liability and hygiene.
  • The hand wiper dispenser Tork H3 combines an aesthetic design with more multilateral characteristics. It’s compatible with several types of hand wipers which can be folded in a Z or in a C (see Tork Advanced and Tork Universal). Furthermore, this model can be locked with a special key.
  • Hand wipers Tork Model Premium: double layer, extra white throwaway hand wipers with an extra clean cotton wool structure and a similar texture as textile.
  • Hand wipers Tork Advanced Absorption: Extra soft, good absorption. They dissolve as fast as toilet paper and can easily be flushed.
  • The Tork paper dispensers are definitely worth mentioning. Everywhere where cleaning is needed, this article comes in handy: in offices, workrooms, depositories, labs. They are perfectly in balance with the hygiene prescriptions, easy to use thanks to their cutting system and easy to lock.
  • Paper towels in extra white cellulose wadding. These paper towels allow general contact with food, have a very good absorption and are ultra resistant to rips, oil, fat and solvents.
  • Tork cleaning spools: good cleaning wipers are required on every workplace, both for the hygiene and the productivity. It doesn’t matter in which sector or industrial environment you work, Tork has always the perfect solution for every type of cleaning or polishing.
  • Tork wipe-alls: excellent performances for a small price.
  • Tork toilet covers: these universal covers for toilet seats are very hygienic and protect every user against infections.

As a specialist in office furniture, JM Bruneau has picked out a large number of Tork products to amplify his own offer.