Tipp-Ex - Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Bic is a name which one spontaneously associates with ballpoints, but the range of products of this French company is of course far more wide-ranging than only ballpoints. Together with the two brand names Bic Wite-Out and Tipp-Ex Bic has also become global market leader in the field of correction products. The reputation of Tipp-Ex has become so wide known that the product even has become a noun in the daily language.

You definitely should consider trying the Mini Tipp-Ex Pocket mouse corrector from the wide ranking range of Tipp-Ex products. This corrector is the smallest one available on the market, it dries quickly and it doesn’t spread a nuisant smell.

People who prefer correction liquid to correction ribbons, can choose the Tipp-Ex Rapid correction liquid which had a quick drying time and a very strong covering facility.

The correction roller Tipp-Ex Exact Liner has the size of a ballpoint and is characterized by optimal ergonomics. It has a very comfortable hand grip, which improves the readability of the corrected part. The system for ink supply guarantees a fluent and regular flowing and a very precise correction.

The Tipp-Ex Shake 'n Squeeze corrector ballpoint is also a very useful tool. A simple click on the hose makes it easy to check the remaining ribbon level.

The Tipp-Ex Aqua Ecolution is a liquid corrector on water base. This corrector is environmental friendly because it is completely free of PVC.

The Tipp-Ex Exact Liner combines precision and the sensation of a ballpoint with the advantages of a qualitative correction tape.

JM Bruneau has included an large assortment of Tipp-Ex products in its catalogue. It is not always easy to determine which products are most appropriate for your company. We can help you to make the best choice for your company