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Banish stress and fatigue

When fatigue strikes during work standing behind a standing desk, you want to rest. However, with an anti-fatigue mat that is no longer necessary!
Fatigue symptoms are in the past with the anti-fatigue mats of JM Bruneau. They are perfect to use for standing employees or for behind a standing desk. It will ensure a higher comfort on a hard surface and will lower the fatigue of the employees. In short, a must have for all standing employees: the anti-fatigue mat!

Why choose this mat?
If you opt for this mat that reduces fatigue, you take advantage of the following benefits:
• Extra comfort, on a hard as well as on a soft surface
• Protection of the floor
• Nonskid coating for more safety
• Higher productivity
• Lower absenteeism.

Ergonomic mats
Because these anti-fatigue mats have, among others, many benefits for the comfort during the working hours, they are often called ergonomic mats. Not strange, if you consider that we’re talking about a lower absenteeism and a higher productivity. Working standing can induce several physical complaints. With an ergonomic mat you lower the working pressure on your body and you lessen the feeling of back aches, heavy legs, neck complaints and headaches. By stimulating the impulses of the calf and leg muscles, the blood flow is enhanced which prevents the blood from stagnating in the veins. The consequence: less fatigue symptoms with an anti-fatigue mat.

Buy your anti-fatigue mat online
Convinced of the benefits of the anti-fatigue mats? Take a look at the online shop of JM Bruneau and buy your anti-fatigue mats online to provide more comfort for your employees. They are efficient and durable, but also make sure the risk of falling is reduced when they work for example in a factory. Besides that, the mats are also perfect to use behind a standing desk, the desks adjustable in height also available from JM Bruneau.

Convinced? Take a look at this anti-fatigue mat and enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary product!