Three steps to an ergonomic workspace

Does your workspace fit like a glove? Or do you sometimes suffer from pain in your neck, shoulders or arms? Three tips for ergonomic workspaces.

1 Office chair, table and keyboard

Different factors determine the comfort of your workspace:

  • Position of your office chair,
  • Configuration of the worktable,
  • The combination of both.

Place your office chair in such a way that your feet easily reach the floor. Provide sufficient back support. Don’t forget the position of the keyboard. Place it in such a way that the centre row of keys is located near the middle of your hand. Ideally, your arm, wrist and hand should form a straight line.

2 Mouse and screen

Naturally, you position your mouse to the left or right depending on whether you’re left or right handed. The computer screen should be at the level of your head. Remember that a good, relaxed posture is important. This can noticeably improve performance. Put everything you need for your work within reach. That allows you to work most efficiently.

3 Your sitting position

Mouse hand or RSI is often the result of a poor sitting position. But what is a good sitting position? Your knee should form an approximately 90° angle to the floor. That is why your office chair and worktable need to be well adjusted to one another. The position of the worktable is usually not so easy to change. That is why you will generally want to adjust the height of your office chair.

Wide range of worktables

At JM Bruneau you can choose the worktable that fits you perfectly. The Eco-range offers a versatile and configurable working surface with a side table and a conference table. What makes this worktable so special:

  • Strong, stable melamine coated surface measuring 70 by 60 cm,
  • Shock resistant PVC-edge 3 mm thick,
  • Teak frame,
  • Strong metal square tube frame measuring 30 x 30 mm,
  • Easy to assemble.

Or would you prefer an L-shaped worktable? At JM Bruneau you can choose from a wide range of widths and colours. Good to know: you can adjust it to the optimal working height.