The right wardrobes for you changing roomBruneau

Not all wardrobes are the same

Your employees undoubtedly appreciate it if you make wardrobes available that are as practical as possible. This enables them to get dressed and undressed quickly, with the result that as little time as possible is lost. An attractive and clean wardrobe will always give an employee a feeling of “coming home”. Actually, a company cannot spend enough time on choosing the right wardrobe for the changing room.

When choosing the right wardrobe, one must bear a few factors in mind. The following are a few of the choices that will have to be made:

  • monobloc or dismountable?
  • with or without keys?
  • with or without a bench (if so, then you will have to order it extra)?
  • how many compartments does everyone need?

As far as compartments are concerned, there are two models, depending on the company’s sector:

  • normal industry: one single compartment for clothing;
  • heavy industry: two compartments, one for work clothes with a hook and one for regular clothing with a bar for coat hangers.

JM Bruneau offers, among others, a monobloc changing-room wardrobe with multiple compartments. This wardrobe is ready to use, without having to assemble it. The welded structure offers sturdiness and resistance.


  • plate steel 8/10;
  • scratch and shock resistant epoxy coating;
  • welded casing and doors according to a patented system;
  • aeration through holes in the doors;
  • 1 one-point lock per compartment (two key included).
  • the built-in doors cannot be lifted out of their hinges thanks to a double fold and a welded wire tightener;
  • in the model with 2 compartments: coat hanger under the top shelf;
  • the model with 4 compartments is 40cm wide and designed for helmets;
  • casing in RAL grey;
  • doors available in 4 colours (grey, blue, red or yellow);
  • Height 180cm, depth 50cm.

The Comfort locker is also a very popular model. It is an extra wide yet compact wardrobe, which takes up little space depth-wise.

Its characteristics:

  • structure: in plate steel 8/10;
  • scratch- and shock-resistant epoxy coating;
  • welded casing and doors according to a patented system;
  • aeration through holes in the back panel;
  • closing: built-in door;
  • ergonomic handle facilitates opening;
  • equipped with one lock (2 keys supplied);
  • accessories: shelf with coat hanger;
  • width for storage (capacity 6 pieces of clothing);
  • finishes: beige, grey, black, grey/blue;
  • total dimensions: H 180cm x W 50cm x D 34cm;
  • parts to be assembled, easy to assemble.

The Meeting coat rack is another popular clothes rack model. It is mobile and very practical. This clothes rack with large capacity combines robustness with elegance.


  • can hold up to 70 coat hangers;
  • four swivel castors;
  • entirely in chromed steel;
  • cross bar with a diameter of 2.5cm, L 150cm;
  • shelf 140 x 20.5cm for briefcases or document holders;
  • total dimensions: H 170cm x W 150cm x D 50cm.

For heavy-industry wardrobes, JM Bruneau suggest a model with black or white extension sections.


  • removable lockers;
  • trendy black or white for graphic wardrobes;
  • entirely in steel plate thickness 6/10, epoxy-lacquered finish;
  • aeration holes in the front;
  • basic units and extension units offer the possibility of building long cupboards without any format restrictions;
  • door with padlock hasp (padlock not supplied) and label holder with metal coating (label not supplied).

JM Bruneau is very experienced in wardrobes; our specialists will be happy to give advice on choosing the right wardrobes.