The right office lighting in three steps

Daylight is as changeable as the weather. That’s why you have no choice but provide extra artificial light in your office. In order to reconcile atmosphere and functionality, you need to carefully plan the lighting at the office. We will guide you to the right office lighting in three steps.

Step 1. Provide daylight

Daylight is a wonderful source of light that no office space should be without. Too little daylight will have a negative impact on the performance of your staff. But too much daylight can also be disruptive. That is why you need to install adjustable sunshades.

Daylight works the best in an office if it shines on the desks from the side. Otherwise there is a great likelihood that you’ll have glare or reflection in your computer screens.

Step 2. Supplement with ambient lighting

For optimal office lighting you can provide two types of additional artificial light. Ambient lighting illuminates the space. Directional lighting lights desktops.

For ambient lighting it is best to use indirect light. That means illuminating the ceiling or a wall that gently reflects the light. Avoid excessive contrasts, such as a bright light on a white ceiling in a dark space. These contrasts can ultimately cause tiredness. Nevertheless, the lighting also shouldn’t be too consistent because that makes a space dull.

How much light do you need? Enough to approach the brightness of your computer screen! A workspace that is too dark will lead to less productivity.

With warm ambient light, you can create a cosy, relaxing space. Cooler or natural lighting will tend to have a more bracing effect.

With the floor lamps from Bruneau you can create just the atmosphere you want at the office.

Step 3. Illuminate work surfaces directly

Work lighting should be directional. That means that the light should shine directly onto the work surface. Proper positioning allows you to keep shadows to a minimum. For right-handed workers, the light needs to come from the upper left. With flexible, rotating desk lamps, each worker can prevent reflection and glare on their computer screen.

At Bruneau you can choose desk lamps ranging from modern LED lamps, powerfull fluorescent lamps, all-round halogen lamps to traditional incandescent lamps.