The office first aid kit

You need to keep first aid handy

All companies are legally required to have a first aid kit. It’s a good idea to keep this first aid kit in an easily accessible place at work. In case of an emergency, you will want to be able to give first aid quickly. You should also inform all staff of the exact location of the medicine cabinet. If there’s an accident, the necessary measures need to be taken efficiently.

It’s important to check the first aid kit regularly. Make sure that all of the plasters and bandages are still in good condition and the antiseptic has not passed its expiration date. A good habit is to immediately refill the first aid kit after you have used any materials. That way the box is always well equipped and ready to use.

What should the first aid kit contain? The legally required content of the first aid kit depends on the type of company and the number of employees. A distinction is made between 3 categories:

  • Industry 1: for 1 to 10 industrial employees or for 1 to 50 non-industrial employees.
  • Industry 2: for 10 to 20 industrial employees or for over 50 non-industrial employees.
  • Industry 3: for 20 to 50 industrial employees.

‘Which first aid kit do I need?’ You are probably wondering. These are the basics that your first aid kit needs to contain: Items permanently on-hand:

  • Elastic compression bandage 5 cm (1x)
  • Resuscitation tube (1x)
  • Stainless steel scissors 14 cm (1x)
  • Explanatory note: ‘Emergency care until a doctor arrives’

Items in varying quantities: Per 10 industrial employees, with a maximum of three multiples or per 50 non-industrial employees with the maximum of two multiples, the first aid kit needs to contain the following items:

  • Temporary dressing – adhesive bandage 10 cm x 7 cm, gauze bandage 2 m x 5 cm (2x)
  • Temporary dressing – adhesive bandage 14 cm x 12 cm, gauze bandage 2 m x 7 cm (1x)
  • Triangular sling (sterile) 90 cm x 90 cm x 127 cm (1x)
  • Non-elastic bandages 5 cm x 5m (2x) (for example Cambric bandage) 7 cm x 5m (2x)
  • Hydrophilic compresses (2 x 20 gr)
  • Adhesive plaster (silk) 2.5 cm x 5 m (1 roll)
  • Adhesive plaster (silk) 1.25 cm x 5 m (1 roll)
  • Gauze plaster bandage 6 cm x 1 m (1 roll) or an assortment of different widths with a total length of 1 m
  • Antiseptic solution: iodine and alcohol at 1% (30ml) or chlorhexidine digluconate in an alcohol solution of minimum 50 vol. % or an equivalent product
  • Stainless steel safety pins in a box or on a card (10 pieces)

You can add extra items to the first-aid kit that are important for your organisation. In any case, the first aid equipment needs to be well protected against damage and contamination.

A few of the models and their advantages:

2-door office first aid cabinet - Rossignol brand Advantages: new design, large storage capacity, takes up minimum space.

  • Housing in white epoxy-coated steel.
  • 2 steel doors with epoxy powder coating.
  • 5 adjustable shelves.
  • Doors have compartments: 3 shelves and 1 collapsible shelf that can be used as a divider for each door.
  • Shelves and racks in transparent green plastic.
  • Magnetic closure.
  • Safety lock with key.
  • These first aid cabinets are supplied empty.

Medicine cabinet with one transparent door or one opaque door –Rossignol brand Advantages: economical and compact.

  • Entirely made of lacquered metal.
  • Has double doors with lock.
  • 2 fixed transparent blue plastic shelves.
  • This first aid cabinet is also supplied empty.

The first aid cabinets are supplied empty but we can also supply a stock of 3M Nexcare Comfort plasters that belong in every first aid kit. click here.