The Brabantia Touch BinBruneau

Throwing away waste has never been this easy

We can be brief about throwing litter on the shop floor. It does not belong there and must therefore disappear as quickly as possible. That is why we find one or more bins in every office. It has to be said immediately, however, that there is a great difference in bin quality. Experts in the sector agree that the Brabantia Touch Bin is one of the best.

Throwing away waste has never been this easy or hygienic, thanks to the Brabantia Touch Bin. A slight touch of the lid is enough to clear away all waste. Brabantia is, moreover, renowned for its high-quality bins and the Brabantia Touch Bin definitely belongs to this category. In addition, the design of this bin was given extra attention, with the result that it deserves a place in every office.

Owning Brabantia’s Touch Bin has its advantages and we would like to share them with you:

  • easy and light “Soft-Touch closure” mechanism;
  • the lid opens quietly by means of its special dampened lid hinge;
  • the bin liner is easy to remove because of the removable lid;
  • even if it is full, the Brabantia Touch Bin is easy to move because of the sturdy carrying handles;
  • the removable inner plastic bucket makes the Brabantia Touch Bin easy to clean;
  • the Brabantia bin liners with handy tie-tapes fit perfectly;
  • important to remember: 10-year Brabantia guarantee.

The following are a few of the Brabantia Touch Bin’s remarkable characteristics:

  • fantastic design;
  • high-quality finish;
  • eye-catching (and very convenient in its use): the waste paper bins can be raised;
  • body and lid in stainless steel, corrosion-resistant coating;
  • removable inner bucket.

The Brabantia Touch Bin is exceptionally easy to use: it opens and closes automatically. The user simply holds his or her hand above the lid of the bin for a moment. The lid then opens automatically and closes again as soon as the waste has disappeared in the bucket. Four AA batteries are supplied with every purchase. This Brabantia Touch Bin is also fingerprint-proof, which means that you do not leave any dirty fingerprints on the bin. There are more advantages to this model. The Brabantia Touch Bin has contents of between 30 and 50 litres and this makes it one of the larger models available on the market.

The Brabantia Touch Bin naturally meets the famous Brabantia quality norms, which also apply to all other products of this brand:

  • manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials;
  • removable lid, which facilitates changing bin liners;
  • the handles on the sides make it easy to move.

JM Bruneau will, of course, help you keep your office tidy. You can therefore order the Brabantia Touch Bin through us. A mere click of the mouse will suffice to find out more information.