Tesa –Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Tesa is worldwide one of the biggest producers of self-adhesive products and methods for industrial, commercial and domestic use. The company is already more than 125 years active in the coating technology. Due to the continuous development of new adhesive tapes and innovative methods, the company Tesa has transformed in one of the leading companies in this sector.

Tesa develops and produces more than 6 000 differents producs, which are sold in almost 100 countries. Approximately three-quarters of the turnover originate from the sale of special system solutions for industrial customers. Thanks to these Tesa products, companies can save in their general costs, but they can also increase their own efficiency.

The multifunctional Tesa glue pastes on almost every type of paper, textile, felt, cork, leather, wood, metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, different kinds of plastic, etc. We can distinguish 3 different types of glue:

  • Hobby Glue: Weather and water-resistant and not washable from clothes.
  • Junior Glue: Without solvents and hand washable.
  • Playing Glue: High sticking power, transparent when dry.

Besides glue, Tesa also produces adhesive tapes. Whether you are looking for a kind of tape that is temperature-stable or highly weather-resistant, fire-retardant or decorative, the brand Tesa always offers the perfect solution for almost every kind of application.

These products are suitable for a variety of operations, from simply bundling loose items together to reparing garden hoses and insulating electrical conduits.

The Tesa glue and correction rollers are, due to their ergonomic design, very popular under the left- handed writers. They can remain standing thanks to their width and the different colours make it possible to distinguish quickly and very easily all the different applications.

There is a wide assortment of Tesa glue available at JM Bruneau. For any kind of technical information about a Tesa product, it is recommended to ask this specialist in office equipment for some extra assistance.