Telephone sets of Siemens GigasetBruneau

They are an absolute asset to your company. These portable telephones are not only reliable, but also affordable and very solid. The High Sound Performance™ technology which has been developed by Siemens ensures a clear, noise free sound. Moreover, the telephone sets of Siemens Gigaset are easy to use. All sets of Gigaset can easily be amplified with several portable telephone sets.

JM Bruneau offers following phones of Siemens Gigaset:

  • The Siemens Gigaset AL 180 is a reliable cordless telephone for people who attach a lot of importance to a high quality sound, user-friendliness and a prolonged talk time (up to 25 hours). The Siemens Gigaset AL 185 has the same characteristics as the AL 180, completed with an integrated answer device, where you can store messages up till 12 minutes.
  • The Siemens Gigaset AL 280 is the solution for people who enjoy to call handsfree without worries about a possible loss of quality. In addition the AL 285 variant of this model disposes of an answer device.
  • The Siemens Gigaset C 380 is a comfortable and user-friendly telephone set with a superior sound quality. With this set you can make longtime calls in a simple way (also hands-free) and send SMS messages. In the telephone directory you can save up to 150 telephone numbers. The C 385 model has similar characteristics and offers moreover an answer device where you can receive messages up to 25 minutes.
  • The Siemens Gigaset E 490 is a solid cordless phone which is resistant to shocks, splashing water and dust. The Gigaset E 490 is the ideal solution for the most demanding workplaces thanks to its solid design, its advanced hands-free function and its user-friendliness.

By using the Eco Dect technology the Siemens Gigaset phones save up to 60% of energy in comparison with the standard cordless telephone sets of Siemens. This spectacular decrease in energy is caused by:

  • Using an economic power supply
  • Adapting the transmission power of your telephone set to the distance between your telephone and the base station.
  • The Eco button, which enables you to limit the transmission power manually. This has an impact on the radius wherein you can use the phone, but not on the quality of the conversation.

You will find more info and technical details about the Siemens Gigaset portable telephones on the website of JM Bruneau. Please do not hesitate to contact JM Bruneau by email, live chat, telephone or fax,. Buy now your Siemens Gigaset online at www.jm-bruneau.be.

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