Tax increase on USB keys, multimediaplayers and external hard disksBruneau

From the 1st of February 2010, USB keys, multimediaplayers and external hard disks will become more expensive. This decision which was made by the collective rights management company Auvibel, is due to the decrease in sales of old multimedia such as cds and cassettes. The proposal for the elaboration of this tax, which was introduced by the Minister of Economics V. Vanquickenborne, was approved by the council of ministers last year.

Previously, this tax was only calculated on writable cds and dvds. These two products will also become more expensive.

Today, the tax wil also be calculated on almost every digital product wich is used for data copying. These media are for example: USB keys, memory cards, hard disks, multimedia players, smartphones etc.

The additional tax ranges from 0.15 until 13 euros, depending on the memory of the media.