Swiffer - Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Thanks to the new Swiffer Dusters, wiping has become a piece of cake. Consequently, it is now really easy to keep your work environment spotless clean without a lot of effort. We give you a list of some important characteristics of this duster:

Flexible and handy: the Swiffer Dusters can reach everywhere; it’s even possible to clean spots that are difficult to access.

Composed of thousands of little electrostatic particles and covered with a microfilm, the duster removes all the dust and holds it like a magnet. This avoids that the dust is spread again over recently cleaned surfaces.

Another intriguing product in the same category is undoubtedly the Swiffer Anti-Allergene Dusters, made from extracts of olive leaves. The duster is not only the perfect solution for removing dust, it also eliminates invisible allergens.

The Swiffers Dusters XXL removes dust and holds it as strongly as a magnet. Thanks to the prolongable 90-cm-long handle, it’s possible to reach the most difficult places.

The starting kit Swiffer Dusters unifies everything you need to win the battle against dust and dirt in your office. It contains 1 handle and 4 refills.

Even the refill with 48 hand wipers Swiffer Maxi deserves some extra attention. Some typical characteristics: available in a large format for an easier and faster cleaning and ideal for smooth and dry surfaces (wood, tiles, vinyl …)

More information about the Swiffer products, e.g. the Swiffers refills, is to be found at JM Bruneau. Since we are particularly specialized in office equipment, you can always contact us. Even more, for any type of question, we are just one click away.