Sustainability at the office

Would you like to do something about your ecological footprint at the office? You can. You can think big, by implementing a green office building, but you can also take a lot of smaller scale initiatives that can help make your workspace greener and more (energy)efficient.

Save on transport

Of course you can always provide fuel-efficient company cars or encourage employees to carpool. But there’s more. Have you ever thought about letting your employees work from home once in a while? And do you have any idea how much CO2 you can save by using videoconferencing instead of real face-to-face meetings? A perfect alternative that helps you reduce your CO2-emissions.

Provide a green office

Nowadays, most companies are aware of their ecological footprint. The brand-new Cegeka-office building for example, is a showpiece in terms of energy efficiency. It is a passive building that uses considerably less energy than standard buildings. But even if a complete new green office is not an option, there is still quite a lot you can do to limit your energy consumption:

  • Consider switching to green energy.
  • Check whether your central heating boiler needs replacement. Condensation boilers are a more economical alternative.
  • Turn the thermostat down a degree. That will instantly generate savings of 7%.
  • Turn out the lights when you leave the office.
  • Don’t leave computers in stand-by mode, they use a lot of energy this way.

In fact, for many initiatives, you can get premiums or subsidies.

Use paper sustainably

You can use recycled for FSC-paper. This label guarantees that it comes from sustainably managed forests. Or have you considered the following possibilities:

  • Read more on the screen in order to print as little as possible.
  • Avoid waste by using the option ‘print preview’. That way you can be sure that everything is correct before you actually print.
  • Print on both sides or try to fit different pages on a single page (for example for presentations).
  • Provide colleagues with documents that need to be checked by e-mail instead of on paper.
  • Reuse the back of printouts you no longer need for notes or as scrap paper. Put a basket next to the printer to collect it. Buy only energy-efficient office equipment

You can buy smart and green by choosing a PC or printer with the Energy Star label. Energy-efficient equipment means it generates less heat, lasts longer, has lower costs for cooling or air-conditioning and may require more space. Bruneau will help you

We can help you to choose sustainably with printers with the Energy Star label, ecological calculators, recycled paper; FSC products and Ecover cleaning products.