Standing desk – the trend of the year!Tips for purchases

A standing desk, also called a desk adjustable in height, is the new trend in the Belgian office world. It is well known that many people get back problems at the office. Therefore it is important to have a desk adjustable in height where you can sit at as well as stand behind.

Standing desks prevent back injuries

After several tests with the standing desk the positive reactions were pouring in! If you sit on your chair behind a desk all day, you possibly get back aches in process of time. These can be caused by not having the right posture behind your desk or by sitting in the same position the entire time. A standing desk is the perfect solution! With it you can do both sedentary and standing work. It feels a lot healthier and you feel fitter once the workday is over. Besides that you take a break more quickly because you are more mobile when you work standing up. These short breaks ultimately have a positive effect on the working speed.

Tips for a standing desk
To inform you as well as possible about a standing desk, here you can find some tips to make best use of this desk.

  • Pay attention to the position of the keyboard and the monitor. Luckily you can adjust the height of the desk easily, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Choose the perfect height at which you can work in the most comfortable way.
  • Put the monitor slightly above your eye level and make sure your hands are free to move, without being unnecessarily supported by a support plate on the desk. This way you can position your hands freely above your keyboard.
  • If you use a standing desk with a raised stool, pay extra attention to your posture. If you stay seated for a long time, the back aches can play up after all, because these stools aren’t made to be seated on the entire day.

Buy it now online
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