Stabilo – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Stabilo introduces us to the world of the writing equipment. This German enterprise is already 150 years present in the sector of writing materials and has gained therefore the necessary experience. Stabilo products always obtain good scores for their ergonomic design. People who write a lot will fully agree: a good pen makes writing easier, helps to maintain a good position, protects against convulsions and avoids exhaustion. This is why Stabilo pens have a very particular shape.

The enterprise has developed some very special pens, for normal and experienced users. They often have inhabitual, but well-thought forms, which make writing generally easier, both for right-handed and left- handed writers.

The company develops its pens not only in collaboration with scientists; it also examines profoundly their characteristics in several tests. For this reason, Stabilo products are appreciated a lot in all kinds of businesses. This applies also to the text markers and all the other products that are a part of the complete company’s offer.

  • The Stabilo Boss text markers have built a good reputation in the complete sector of text markers.
  • The Stabilo Boss Executive is very well known in the writers’ world. Thanks to its rubber grip, this marker unites lots of ergonomic qualities.
  • The Stabilo FSC HB pencil doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Even more amazing, this octangular wooden pencil has received the FSC certificate.
  • The colour pencils Stabilo, made from a very solid quality wood, can easily be sharpened. For the production of the compatible charges, a unique pigment has been chosen to obtain the brightest colours.
  • The Stabilo ballpoints are a standard article in the business world.
  • The Stabilo charges for propelling pencils.

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