Senseo – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Practical things which favor the wellbeing of the employees, should be arranged as fast as possible. This also includes the preparation of a cup of coffee. Coffee is not only a moment of delight, but also a stimulant. One or more cups of coffee in the morning can improve the performances of the employees remarkably. You cannot discuss coffee in the business world without mentioning the brand Senseo.

Senseo is a system with coffee pads which permits the preparation of one perfectly dosed cup of coffee with a delicious froth layer and within a record time of preparation of 30 seconds (per cup). Moreover Senseo offers a choice of 15 different coffee variations.

The taste of Senseo comes very close to a good filter coffee, balanced and aromatic. The Senseo coffee powder is not compressed and is thicker than the coffee powder for espressos. The manner of roasting Senseo coffee is different from the roasting of espresso. The pressure which is being used to raise the water with Senseo is 1,50 bar, whereas the value with a steam espresso is at least 6 bar, and at least 15 bar with a pump espresso. This means the extraction principle is completely different.

When the reservoir is completely filled, it is possible to make about 5 or 6 cups consecutively with the Classic Senseo sets and eight cups with the New Generation Senseo sets. It is possible to order a “Family” reservoir for the Classic sets (these are the Senseo sets without an opening with clips and without adjustable casting mouth). This Family reservoir will permit you to make ten to twelve cups of coffee.

With Senseo you will have a guaranteed fast speed. When you press the start/stop-button, the heating of the water will take about one minute to prepare. When you press the button for one cup afterwards, the preparation of your cup will take about 30 seconds. If you press the button for two cups of coffee, the preparation will take a bit longer than one minute to obtain two cups of coffee.

Below you will find an overview of the Senseo-products which JM Bruneau has in store. The assortment will be largely sufficient to serve your employees a nice cup of coffee every day.

The coffeemachine Philips Senseo intense is the exclusive system for a perfectly dosed coffee, provided with a good froth layer. The cup of coffee is extraordinary tasty thanks to a perfect dosage of water and coffee. This dosage guarantees a constant quality and taste as well as a thick and airy froth layer. The water is being heated very quickly: within a few minutes. It takes about 30 seconds to prepare a cup of coffee. It is an extremely easy process: you just need to fill the reservoir (capacity of 6 cups), place the capsule in the holder (2 capsules for 2 cups), choose the right button (1 or 2 cups) and the coffee is ready. The content of the reservoir contains 75 cl, which corresponds with 6 cups.

Furthermore JM Bruneau foresees a set of 5 packets with 18 capsules of Senseo classic, 100 sugarsticks Senseo and 100 goblets and stirring rods. A dispenser contains 50 capsules. This way, the employees of the company can very easily and very quickly fetch a cup of coffee. Each box contains 50 separately packaged Aroma corsé capsules.

The storage box Senseo is pefectly suited to preserve the aroma of the coffee (in the form of dosettes). The closure occurs through a hermetic lid, which guarantees the quality of the coffee. Through a lift system it is very easy to pick up the dosettes out of the box. Other advantages are the easy cleaning and the fact that this storage box is dishwasher safe.

JM Bruneau is an all-rounder office organizer. You can also contact us for the coffee products of Senseo.