Scotch – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The history of Scotch goes back to the thirties of last century. Richard Dew, a young engineer of 3M, invented the Scotch Cellulose Tape at that time. The name of this invention has afterwards been changed to Cellophane Tape. This tape is still the best-known product being sold under the brand name Scotch.

In the course of the years Scotch has regularly expanded its tape assortment with new products. Already during the Second World War 3M developed more than 100 different sorts of tape. In 2004 the Scotch Transparent Tape has been called a “Humble Masterpiece" by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. One of the reasons is its superior design.

The assortment of Scotch products has known a large expansion:

  • The aggravated dispenser Scotch – it weighs almost 500 gram and it is appropriate for a tape width of 19 mm.
  • The Scotch Magic Invisible tape for invisible gluing. This tape won’t yellow and can be overwritten – it is available in different widths and lengths.
  • The Scotch tape in polypropylene is ultra strong, has a firm adhesion and is especially appreciated because of the silent function.
  • The Scotch packaging tapes are available in havana colored version or in transparent polypropylene and they are delivered with a disposable applicator with a cutting element of metal.
  • Scotch Magic tape. The original matte finish, invisible tape. This tape is mostly used in the office, the home office and at schools.
  • Scotch Crystal Tape – a multifunctional tape for the closing of boxes, packages and envelopes.
  • Standard Scotch transparent tape 550 – the budget tape for general use.
  • The Scotch removable tape has an unique gluing system which keeps paper firmly in place, but which is also easy to remove or to replace.
  • The Scotch double faced glue stick – on the one hand a large sponge to glue large surfaces and on the other hand a precision point for the more refined work.
  • The Scotch double sided tape is covered with photo-secure, permanent glue at both sides.
  • The Scotch special tape for freezers attaches itself to paper, plastic and aluminum foil. This tape is resistant to humidity and is safe both for freezers and for microwaves.
  • Scotch glue sprays are ideal for fixing pictures and maquettes. Jm Bruneau has of course lots of experience with the extensive assortment of products of Scotch. Feel free to contact us for more information and advice.