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Sophie, management assistant in a small mail-order firm, is very pleased with the numerous functions of her new HP printer, the HP Officejet Pro X. She uses it for everything ! An example…

John, Sophie’s boss, expects a visit today from a potential new partner, who wants to show him his products. As a management assistant, it is one of Sophie’s tasks to welcome the visitor. Of course, she greets him in a pleasant and professional way. Since she is the true right-hand of John, it is important that she makes a good impression and transmits a positive image of the firm. Just before the visitor will arrive, she sets up everything in the reception-room. She makes sure there is coffee, hot water for tea, biscuits, … Until she sees that mister Durant, her boss’s visitor, is about to enter the building.

Sophie: “Good morning, Mr. Durant ! Welcome in our office ! Would you like to drink something ? Some coffee or tea?” Mr. Durant: “Good morning, Miss. I would like some tea, please. But, could I also ask you for a favour?” Sophie : “Of course! What can I do for you?” Mr. Durant : “It is a little bit embarrasing. This morning, I took off so early that I forgot to print out the arrangement I wanted to present shortly to your boss. Could you please print the files for me ? You can find them on this USB key.” Sophie : “Certainly, that is not a problem ! Don’t worry, I will fix it for you in just a couple of seconds."

Sophie puts the USB key immediately in the entrance on the frontside of her printer, the HP Officejet Pro X, that is installed in the reception-room. Mister Durant is obviously very curious about what she is planning to do. Thanks to the touchscreen, Sophie sees instantly the different files and finds quickly the one that needs to be printed. With one finger, she pushes on « Enter », and that’s it ! The slides come out of the printer, one by one …Discrete and efficient: mister Durant is a lucky man! Imagine that Sophie had to go to her office, in order to turn on her computer, to plug in the USB key and to print everything,… It would take a lot of time and mister Durant could possibly be too late for his appointment !

Good to know: Most printers from the type HP Officejet Pro and Officejet Pro Serie X have an USB entrance. This comes in handy, because of two reasons:

  • You can print directly files from a USB key
  • You can save scanned files directly on your USB key