Save energy with the HSM paper destructors!Ecology

When we discuss paper destructors, we surely have to mention HSM (Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau) as the utmost reference. The pillars quality and innovation are highly valorized by this company. When this family company was set up in 1971, nobody would have thought that this company would become active worldwide.

Quality and innovation

What is striking with HSM, is that almost all parts of HSM-machineswere manufactured in Germany as a result from a cohesion from a high automation and lots of patended processes. The most remarkable thing about this company is the high quality. This is for instance accentuated by a guarantee of thirty years on the cutting rollers of the HSM engines. In the HSM-assortiment both large ( 4.000 kg.) as small (2 kg)machines are manufactured in order to meet the different targets of their customers. In addition to the qualitative aspect, HSM of course also wants to innovate, which is easy to understand given their experience of years and the knowledge that was gained. To innovate also means: responding to the requirements of a changing market and a continuous progress. This way, HSM can offer a superfast service towards their customers and they can work with the most modern means of communication, such as e-commerce.

Economical At Bruneau, we also choose for destructors of HSM. The most successful series is the SECURIO-serie. This series distincts itself thanks to the low sonorous level and the economical motors with which one can save up to 90% of energy. The Compact models of HSM which have been known for years are also environmental friendly. Those engines do not consume energy in the 'Standby-function'. HSM helps to create an environmental friendly community not only thanks to its modern SECURIO-engines, but also by making a conscious choice for durable and environmental friendly materials and packages as well as means of transport and management of energy in their complete production process.