Recognise your employer as a sustainable entrepreneur

Sustainable enterprise and socially responsible enterprise (SRE) is a process whereby a company takes into account the society in which it operates. That means that it considers economical, social and ecological factors in the way it conducts its business. The interests of all stakeholders and interested parties are respected. The company is socially aware. It pays attention to:

  • Employee satisfaction,
  • Relations with the suppliers and local residents,
  • The expectations of clients, business partners and shareholders,
  • The relationship with politics, government and environmental organisations,
  • The ties with employee organisations, banks and accountants,

Short-term profits or honest enterprise.

Generating a profit is no longer the central concern. Rather it is creating value for clients, employees and society. A sustainable organisation strives to achieve a balance between three dimensions:

  • People: impact of the enterprise on people,
  • Planet: impact of the enterprise on the environment,
  • Profit: economic impact of the enterprise.

You work in a company. Do you know whether or not your company practices sustainable enterprise? You invest your money in another company. Do you know what this company is doing with your money? Do the companies respond responsibly to the input that you give? Or does short-term profit remain the sole driving force? Does your company provide products free from child labour? Do they participate in a fair trade production chain whereby each employee in the chain is allowed to work under decent conditions and a fair rate of pay?

Responsible advantages for the employees

An organisation that conducts responsible enterprise can take countless initiatives. Employees benefit when the company they work for takes the right action such as motivating personnel, serving clients better and devoting attention to the environment and nature.

Here’s a list of some ways in which employees can recognise if they are working for a socially responsible employer:

  • Men and women are paid equally for equal work.
  • Employees are hired from the local region.
  • The employees’ professional ambitions are taken into account.
  • Employees are allowed to take courses.
  • Customer oriented approach with a lot of after sales care and service.
  • Complaints are followed up thoroughly.
  • There is an option for flexible work.
  • Company waste is limited.
  • The collaboration between client, suppliers and employees is evaluated.
  • The use of gas, electricity, fuel and paper is being reduced.
  • Transport by road is being reduced or grouped.
  • Employees are encouraged to come to work by bike.