Rapesco – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Rapesco is in Europe one of the leading companies in the field of office supplies. The company was set up in 1957 and until today the products of Rapesco are still being sold in more than 10 countries. The business philosophy has always been focused on high quality products and is aimed at developing a great additional value.

If you consider the success of the company it seems they succeeded in their aim. Rapesco however never forgot the concern for the environment. Durability and efficiency in the usage of energy are thus no empty words. The company gives all possible attention to the environmental friendly character of the products.

JM Bruneau offers following products from the large assortment of Rapesco:

  • Rapesco perforators: ranking from perforators for the student to sets for a small office to (The Rapesco 810-P) professional machines for the more heavy work (the 4400 model – which perforates up till tot 150 pages).
  • Rapesco staple machines. Here the range is also very large: ranking from the Flippa models which can stand upright and which save space to the colorful Puffa staple machines in transparent PVC, or the reliable Marlin sets and the AV-79 for the more heavy work. We would also like to mention the so-called “long-arm” models which will enable you to staple A4 pages in the middle of the pages.
  • The Rapesco staple remover is a useful tool to remove staples safely without damaging the paper.
  • The Rapesco tape holders exist in two variants: a standard model for tape with a width of 19 mm and a more massive “heavy duty” for tape with a width of 25 mm.
  • The paper clips of metal can hold a bundle of paper together without staples.

The products of Rapesco are of course very prominently present in the assortment of JM Bruneau. You can contact us for more information simply by clicking here.