Protect your office floor with the right floor mat

Your office floor deserves protection. Your employees’ office chairs are constantly rolling over the floor and may be causing damaging scratches. Other office furniture, rolling or not, can also cause damage. All plenty of reasons to cover your office floor under the office chairs and work tables with protective floor mats. Your choice of protective floor mats.

Which protective floor mat is the best option for protecting your office floor?

The mats are available in different variations. You can choose a protective mat with or without a cut-out area. But choosing the right protective floor mat is above all question of what kind of floor you have. Is your office floor made of wood, tile or is it carpeted? All of these surfaces need protection. What's more, when making your choice, you should consider that it should be convenient to clean both the protective mat and the floor.

In the catalogue, JM Bruneau has a wide range of protective floor mats available, with something for everyone.

- protective floor mats with a cut-out area:

  • made from PVC.
  • transparent.
  • for both smooth floors and carpeted floors.

- the Floortex protective floor mat made from polycarbonate

  • ultra-effective protection.
  • outstanding resistance.
  • perfectly smooth surface makes it suitable for all types of floor.
  • bevelled edges.
  • available in different formats.

The quality of this protective floor mat is excellent, as its lifetime guarantee attests. With a class M2 fire resistance, the mat provides protection against scratches and perforation. JM Bruneau offers two models:

- a model for carpeted floors

- a model specially designed for smooth floors, with an anti-slip treatment.

To find out more about the value of protective floor mats, we recommend consulting an office furnishing specialist. JM Bruneau would be happy to make its extensive experience available to you.