Professional reception for an unforgettable first impression

The reception area is often your visitors’ first visual impression of your company. This is where you make that indelible first impression. How can you ensure that it is a positive one? Five tips for a professional reception area.

1 Make sure that the reception area is noticeable

Use clear signs to direct visitors to the visitor parking area. The entrance for the reception area must be clearly visible from this parking area. Make your company logo stand out both inside and outside. Once inside, the reception counter has to be the first thing that your clients see. The best location is therefore directly opposite the entrance.

2 Make space for hospitality

In order to receive clients professionally, you need space. The reception area has to be large enough for a counter and a seating area. The more people your company receives, the more chairs you’ll need. Make sure that there is a discreet distance between the reception counter and the seating area in order to give your visitors the necessary privacy. Do you have plenty of space? Then adding tables can provide extra comfort for visitors who would like to read or have a cup of coffee. A toilet near to the reception area is a necessary convenience. Don’t forget that your visitors may have had a long drive.

3 Reception is introduction

For your clients, the introduction to your company starts in the reception area. There are different ways to present your company to visitors while they wait:

In order to make your visitors comfortable, it’s good idea to provide:

4 Pay sufficient attention to your reception counter

The counter is the central point for your reception area. That is why you should have a counter that fits the available space and the image you want to project. The options are limitless, so it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a professional office equipment expert such as JM Bruneau.

5 Your receptionist is the face of your company

Friendly and professional reception in the client’s own language is a must. Ask your receptionist to call your visitor’s contact immediately. This shows your clients that communication is one of your company’s strong points. Offer your visitors a drink while they wait.

Would you also like a reception area that makes visitors feel welcome and leaves them with the right impression? Then of course you’ll want to turn to a specialised office equipment expert such as JM Bruneau. Our many years of experience and extensive range will get started in no time.