Pritt: Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Pritt is a very important name in the market of adhesive and glue products. The story of Pritt starts in the late sixties of last century, when the German manufacturer of cosmetic products Henkel developed a product based on lipstick. The discovery of this product turned the whole world upside down.

Pritt has become a real concept during the last ten years in the sector of office supplies. During a period of 30 years about 1 milliard of glue products were sold which has only fortified the position of Pritt on the market of glue products.

The Pritt Type Assortment has in the mean time enormously expanded. Pritt has solved a great number of problems by regularly launching new and innovative products. Some typical examples of problems that have been solved like this are: the searching for the beginning of the tape, the difficulty in refilling and the slipping away of the tape dispensers. The Pritt Type Assortment combines intelligent solutions with practical applications. The slipping away of the tape dispensers is a typical example of this method of problem solving.

The Correction Comfort Roller meant an important discovery which permitted the consumer to make sideward corrections. The continuous development of the Roller assortment clearly pays off: the Pritt Correction Comfort Roller has already won an important award. This means that the range of products of this company belongs to the absolute top in the sector. If you are looking for a qualitative brand in the glue sector, you should choose Pritt.

JM Bruneau disposes of course of an extensive range of Pritt items in its gamma. This gamma comprises the most important products of Pritt. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you seek further advice. You can find following Pritt products at JM Bruneau:

  • Pritt glue sticks
  • Pritt correction rollers
  • Pritt glue dispensers
  • Pritt correction markers
  • Pritt tape

If you need more information about the properties of the glue products of Pritt, you should contact JM Bruneau. We are experts in office equipment and thus we know all the latest news on the world of glue products. A simple click on the website will give you lots of additional information about this fascinating market.