Post-It – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The story of Post-It is one of trial and error. In 1968 Spencer Silver discovered the concept of those useful objects. At that time, Spencer was working as Senior Scientist in the Corporate Research Laboratorium van 3M. Silver shared his knowledge with his colleagues hoping that someone might find a practical solution for his discovery. A brainstorm didn’t produce any effect, which has delayed the discovery of the Post-It. The research team of 3M kept on searching diligently for some practical applications of Post-It.

That solution has not been found until 1974. One night the church choir was singing in an American church. One of the members of the choir was Art Fry, a colleague of Silver at 3M. While he was singing, Fry found a practical solution for the discovery of Silver: this led to the discovery of Post-It. His idea was being commercialized by the company and had lots of success. As a result, Art Fry as attributed a number of prestigious awards. Spencer Silver was of course also involved in the honor tribute.

Fry was the one who after all got the most prestige. He was being elected by the Esquire Magazine as one of the “100 Best People in the World.” Up till today, the co-discoverer of the Post-It still travels around the world to spread his message of creativity concerning entrepreneurship. Until today, his message still carries out the same persuasive effect.

3M still needed a few years to be able to solve the production problems of Post-It, but since 1977 the successful launch of the product had started. The marketers of the company launched the notorious Boise Blitz, a campaign which found inspiration for its name in the name of a city in the American state Idaho. 90% of the trial persons who got the opportunity to get to know the product Post-It, immediately placed a purchase order. And this meant the onset of the success story Post-It.

In the business world of today the Post-its have become indispensable because of the practical and useful nature of these mnemonics. You can of course contact JM Bruneau for the complete product range that 3M developed around Post-It:

  • Post-It Notes
  • Post-it Z-Notes (also called pop-up notes)
  • Post-it pre-printed notes
  • Post-it indices
  • Post-it Notebook
  • Post-it Dispensers
  • Post-it Correction tape