Pilot – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

For almost 100 years, the brand name Pilot is directly linked to innovative methods in the world of ballpoints and other types of writing equipment. Due to its extended offer, the company has achieved the second top position in this sector.

Here you’ll find a small overview of the Pilot products that are available at JM Bruneau:

  • The Pilot ballpoints catch the eye thanks to their unique ergonomic design, their bright colours and their elegance. The oil-based ink assures a perfect line and a comfortable and clean writing experience.
  • The Pilot Frixion Rollers are gel ink ballpoints whose ink can easily be erased with the corrector that is attached at the ultimate end of the pen.
  • The Pilot highlighters are used for many applications. For every type of operation, Pilot has developed a unique technique. Thanks to the star-shaped centre in their points, the highlighters guarantee a very soft and stable writing experience. The regular ink flow secures on every type of paper a thick and bright line.
  • The gel ink Pilot markers bring all the advantages of a fountain pen and a regular ballpoint together. They assure a flexible and light writing experience, even on ink absorbing paper surfaces. These gel ink markers are furthermore less offensive to the environment thanks to their replaceable charges.

There exist several variants of the Pilot markers: permanent markers made from the environment-friendly methylalcohol, markers for whiteboards and smooth surfaces, OHP markers for an accurate and sharp underlignment and lacquer markers for decorated texts.

  • Pilot fountain pens: they are the perfect instrument for the most remarkable and traditional way of self-expression. Prestigious looks, value, nostalgia, style, status symbol…these are some typical associations that are often made when you think of the Pilot fountain pen. In this pen, Pilot unifies aesthetic designs, new techniques, innovation and tradition. This induces flexible movements of the pen on the paper, which procure an incredible writing experience.
  • The Pilot propelling pencils differentiate themselves from other products thanks to their technical precision and timeless elegance.
  • The lead in stainless steel is provided with a phosphorus-brass alloy. This doesn’t affect, even after uncountable use, the lead of the pencils and it minimalizes as well their general wastage.

At JM Bruneau, you can of course choose between a large number of Pilot products. If you wish to receive some more detailed information about a particular product, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists.