Parker – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

In the business world, ballpoints of Parker have become a standard article; there is definitely no doubt about that. The company has developed up until now some legendary pens, e.g. the Duofold, which is said to be the most outstanding one. The first model of this pen combines masculinity with luxury and was already launched for the first time on the market in 1921.

During its entire history, the enterprise has succeeded every time in introducing new and successful pens on the market. The most recent example is the Premier; a pen that unifies all the know-how of the company’s creating team. Another successful pen is the Sonnet, especially known for its classic and timeless design.

Besides these models, Parker has a wide range of pens to offer, which respond wholly to the needs of every type of company.

Urban Parker is the new generation of ballpoints that combines ergonomic characteristics with an elegant design. This ballpoint is the perfect instrument for anyone who prefers products with a good reputation and of a superior quality.

The metalized ballpoint Esprit Parker sticks out because of its extraordinary combination of innovation and contemporary minimalism.

The ballpoints of Parker can obviously not be absent in the total offer of JM Bruneau. If you wish to receive some more information concerning one of the products, we are just one click away.