Office and warehouse racksBruneau

It often occurs that clients buy storage racks and afterwards they claim that the wooden shelves were not delivered with. These shelves however have to be ordered in addition. It also happens that the client does not like the visual… There is indeed a difference in the application goals: are they to put in a public place or in a storing space? The information underneath should help you in making the right choice. There are basically 3 kinds of warehouse racks:

Storage racks

These are the most standard racks, especially used in storage rooms. Most important is that they can be used to store archiving boxes without emphasis on the visual aspect. This product offers different possibilities: Storage racks are racks of 1m or 1, 5 m large with different depths. We have single access racks (depth of 35 cm) to put for example against a wall and double access racks (depth of 70 cm) that can be used to create rows in a storage room. The racks are available in 2 heights: 106 cm and 212 cm.

Attention: the racks are provided with metallic bars (adjustable every 5 cm). These bars are in fact metallic frames on which you can put archiving boxes. You can also add wooden shelves which however have to be ordered in addition. There is also a significant difference between basic elements (2 supports) that can stand independently and extension elements (only 1 support) to enlarge the racks. The extension elements cannot stand alone and need to be attached to a basic element. It is therefore obvious that the extension elements are less expensive than the basic ones.

Warehouse racks

Warehouse racks are especially used to store heavy material such as archiving boxes. They are available in 2 heights (200 cm and 250 cm) and in 3 depths (40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm). The racks are adjustable in height each 6, 2 cm. They can be completed with wooden shelves and extension elements.

Modular racks

Modular racks are sold in the same way as office racks but they appeal nicer and they are available in more colours and sizes. Modular racks are offered in brown, bleu, white, red and anthracite. They are available in different heights (100cm, 200cm or 250 cm). The racks are 106 cm large and 38 cm deep. In opposite to storage racks, you can order additional metallic shelves and not wooden. These shelves are adjustable each 2, 5 cm and are provided with 2 horizontal supports. They are provided with covers that allow you to use the rack as storage for suspension files. This is not the case for regular archiving racks. Modular racks do not exist in double access but they can however be enlarged with extension elements.

Polyvalent racks

Polyvalent racks are the most visual finished racks and are especially used in offices rather then in archiving rooms. They are available in different colours (bleu/grey, beige, and anthracite/grey) and sizes (100 cm, 200cm or 250cm). The racks have a width of 90cm or 120 cm and a depth of 40cm. The metallic shelves are adjustable each 2, 5 cm.

Optional: The back can be reinforced (the rack is not available in double access) with a cross support or with full panels. You can also order an additional “consulting shelve”. This shelf pushes out of the rack (on telescopic conductors) and can be used to consult files on.