Name-brand cartridges or reconditioned ink cartridges?

Perhaps you have heard of refilled, refillable or reconditioned Ink cartridges. But what exactly are they and do they have advantages over Name-brand ink cartridges? Find out the difference between the two and choose the right solution for your needs.

What are the differences between the types of ink cartridges?

  • Name-brand cartridges are completely new ink cartridges made by the manufacturer of your printer. They are generally sold at office equipment shops.
  • Reconditioned cartridges are used ink cartridges that are checked in a special centre and repaired as necessary. They are then cleaned and refilled.

Advantages and disadvantages of name-brand ink cartridges

Name-brand ink cartridges Reconditioned ink cartridges Advantages Guaranteed print quality Colourfast Price Less waste Les toxic substances Disadvantages - Price - Ink quality? - Colour reliability? - Suitable for printer type and brand?

How to choose the right ink cartridge?

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of name-brand cartridges and the refilled cartridges based on your needs. Is the price an important negative factor for you with name-brand ink cartridges? Remember that you can save quite a lot by correctly adjusting the print-quality settings for your document. For an official tender, the quality of the print matters of course, but what about for a meeting report you just need to hand out to your coworkers?

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