Managing the mail: be efficient!Tips for purchases

Is managing the mail part of your job description? Sorting, filtering, distributing: optimize!

A first selection

Once opened, take the content out of the envelope and make a first selection:

  • Eliminate instantly all publicity that isn’t useful right away
  • Keep all brochures that can be useful for your company: for a current project, for studying the competition, … Write the delivery date and the reason why they could be important down on the brochure
  • Put invoices aside
  • Keep everything that is addressed directly to specific co-workers

Attention: keep all envelopes that can cause a dispute (letters addressed to the personnel office, contracts and registered mail): the postal stamp can be important in court.

Sorting and dating

  • Put a stamp with the delivery date on each letter, that way everyone knows when it has arrived, and it makes your classification easier
  • To classify the mail, it is best to have different folders or letter trays, according to your habits. If possible, you can equip yourself with as many folders as there are co-workers (in case of a small company) or departments. Keep a specific folder aside for the invoices
  • If you have a letter in your hands, treat it immediately! Write the initials of the addressee or of the person that can answer on it instantly.

Distribute the mail

Once they are sorted and dated, the letters need to be distributed. There are 3 possibilities:

  • If your company is equipped with different letterboxes per employee or department, put the letters in those boxes
  • You can also place letter trays at disposal in your office so everyone can collect their mail when it suites them
  • Finally, the most easy solution may be to carry the mail to each department yourself.