Make sure your e-mails get read

Sharing information and content is what it’s all about these days. There are many ways of sharing content with people, such as Facebook. Nevertheless, sending e-mails remains the best method for sharing content. But how can you make sure that people actually read your e-mails?

5 Tips :

1. The most important things that people look at first when an e-mail arrives in the mailbox is:

  • Who sent me this e-mail?
  • What’s this e-mail about?

The sender and the subject are evaluated first.

  • The more familiar you appear to the receiver, the greater the chance that he will read your e-mail.
  • It’s also a good idea to put a good subject in the subject line of your e-mail: to the point and enticing. The subject has to get the recipient interested so that he will read the e-mail.

2. If you know the name of the recipient, it’s best to use it in the opening of your e-mail. This makes the e-mail much more personal. Your recipient will therefore be more inclined to read the e-mail.

3. The recipient quickly glances at the mail. He skims the e-mail and quickly decides whether it’s of interest or not. That’s why you should use clear, well written language:

  • Write in the active mode as much as possible.
  • Write without errors in spelling or grammar.
  • Use punctuation.

4. Cover a single topic per e-mail. This should certainly be the case if you expect the recipient to take action. You get more results if your e-mail only requests that single action.

5. If there is still too much information in an e-mail, then include summaries. And mark or underline the parts that the recipient definitely needs to remember or to which he needs to respond.

FYI: you are not sending spam if:

  • The e-mail address is an info@....
  • You mention how to unsubscribe.
  • You don’t invade the privacy of the recipient.
  • You make it clear in your e-mail that it is a commercial message.