Mail Lite - Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The multinational Sealed Air is in the first place specialized in the production of packaging material and systems of an extremely good quality. This company is market leader in several sectors (e.g. Fresh Food, Protective and Presentation Packaging). The activities of Sealed Air diverse from sector to sector. Regarding the sector of office equipment, the envelopes of its daughter company Mail Lite especially prove their usefulness. Even in a lot of offices in the Benelux, the products of this brand are often preferred before these of other brands.

Mail Lite products have generally the following characteristics:

  • Excellent product protection: The Mail Lite products have been developed to protect in every possible way the products that need to be sent.
  • Practical and easy to use: You can easily write on these envelopes with a standard ballpoint and labels can effortlessly be pasted on them.
  • Ultra light: Thanks to the extra light weight of the Mail Lite products, you will pay less for the transport.

Let’s study first the envelopes in white kraft, available with an air bubble lining inside. Although this envelope has a padded bottom without welding, it does have reinforced lateral weldings. These kinds of envelopes are also available with a mousse lining inside.

The Mail Tuff quality envelopes for the protection of your products exist in diverse dimensions.You can choose between small sizes, particularly for the dispatching of CDs, and bigger ones (e.g. 35x47 cm).

Mail Lite is a very legendary brand that’s undoubtedly largely represented in the total offer of JM Bruneau. For any further questions regarding the Mail Lite envelopes, this specialist in office equipment is just one click away.