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The products of Lotus Professional are worldwide well-known, but it is not generally known that the listed Georgia-Pacific Corporation is also the head company of the Lotus brand. This American company is worldwide the largest tissue manufacturer for the Away-From-Home market. Under the brand nameLotus Professional Georgia-Pacific commercializes a wide range of hygienic products and table paper for this market. Lotus Professional - as is suggested by the name - mainly focuses on business consumers in the largest sense of the word.

The Lotus Jumbo dispenser and toilet paper. This is the ideal solution for frequently visited toilet places. The Jumbo roles of Lotus Professional contain 21 times more paper than a traditional toilet role and they are available in a 1-layer and 2-layer quality. The corresponding dispensers are available in metal or plastic. The dispensers are very easy to close and the changing of roles is very simple.

The Lotus Smartone dispenser and toilet paper. This solution combines a maximum of efficiency (because of the high capacity and the sheet-by-sheet system) with a stylish design and optimal hygiene (because of the completely shielded roll).

The Lotus and Motion towel dispenser is a sophisticated towel roll system of Lotus Professional. With this system, a simple hand motion suffices to automatically get a new towel. The enMotion line is the ideal solution for business environments, where hygiene is a top priority. You will have a complete control over its usage: both the length of the towels as the time unit and the sensor distance can be regulated by you.

The Lotus toilet paper fits in every toilet role holder. Traditional toilet paper is available in different quality types, ranking from Joker Plus standard toilet paper over the Prestige 3-layer paper and the Bio variant.

The Lotus Marathon towel system consists of a modern dispenser of solid plastic or metal for individual towels. Marathon is space saving and suitable for every toilet room. p>The Lotus Reflex dispenser for cleaning towels distributes the cleaning paper sheet by sheet: hygienically, economically and user-friendly.

The Lotus Optima dispenser for folded towels gives every toilet room a better look. Your clients, employees and visitors will definitely appreciate your concern for every detail and they will enjoy the comfort, the ease and the hygiene of the Optima towels. The Optima towels are remarkably thicker and softer, they absorb very well and they remain – also when wet – very strong.

The Lotus kitchen roles: the practical kitchen aid for every moment of the day.

In the catalogue of JM Bruneau you will find a wide-ranging assortment of Lotus products: adapted to every choice. Click here if you want to find out more about the range of Lotus products. We are totally at your disposal to give you additional information if you wish.