Loctite – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Henkel, the well-known international expert in consumer products, uses “A Brand Like a Friend" as its sale slogan. This slogan has definitely not been a bad choice, because the products of this company are not only renowned because of their reputation, but also because of their user friendliness. The brands and the technology of Henkel have always been directed at improving the life of the consumers in order to give them a more comfortable and better life.

This is also applicable for Loctite, which is one of the more notorious brands which belong to the brand of Henkel. Loctite stands in first place for glue, but under this brand name some other products also have been commercialized.

The controlling company Henkel has been included in the Fortune Global 500, the list with the 500 largest companies worldwide. The headquarters of Loctite- the controlling company - is located in Düsseldorf in Germany. Henkel has 52.000 people employed worldwide, while the products are being sold in 125 countries.

Let’s take a look at the liquid Super Glue, available in a tube of 3g. A few drops will suffice for an instant super strong glue on all soils. The Loctite Super Glue glues definitely in only 10 seconds.

The adhesive Super Glue in a precision-application bottle of 5g corresponds to exactly the same characteristics as the liquid Super Glue, but it disposes of a safety cap and a sophisticated dosage system which makes the process of precise gluing a lot easier.

The Loctite Easy Brush Super Glue is a very strong glue which can be applied evenly by means of a brush that has been furnished with it.

The Loctite Super Glue Control is an even stronger formula – that has been developed in order to obtain an even stronger adhesion, which is resistant to a daily use on almost all surfaces.

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