Laser or inkjet: which printer should you choose?

Your office needs a new printer. But have you already decided whether to order an inkjet printer or a laser printer? An overview of the major differences.

Price: is an inkjet really cheaper?

A major concern for any entrepreneur: the price. A laser printer is a lot more expensive to purchase than an inkjet printer, certainly if you’re considering a colour laser printer. The average cost per page for inkjet printers is often considerably lower. This type of printer does not need to heat up (lower electricity consumption!) and is therefore ready to use virtually instantly. Replacing the toner for a laser printer on the other hand is cheaper than replacing the cartridges (ink supply) for an inkjet printer.

Speed: laser printers are the fastest

The number one reason why many companies opt for a laser printer: some laser printers can print up to 40 pages per minute, while for an inkjet printer that is limited to 20 pages per minute.

Quality: depending on the purpose

Are the prints made by laser printers of better quality than the prints made by inkjet printers? That depends on the type of document that you want to print. For example, for printing photographs, your best bet is an inkjet printer. Many manufacturers have developed specialised inkjet photo printers and the associated photo cartridges. These printers - in combination with special photo paper – can generate spectacular results. On the other hand, with laser printers the ink is less likely to bleed and the colours fade less quickly than with an inkjet model.

Conclusion: ask a specialist for advice What type of printer is the best solution for your company: an inkjet printer or laser jet printer? It is not always easy to answer this question. Ask the advice of an external specialist: JM Bruneau can help you to make the right choice. That saves you both time and money.