L'Oblique – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

L'Oblique AZ is over a century old. This expert in suspended files had already been founded in 1883. In 1985 the company became part of the Hamelin Group, which is one of the market leaders in Europe in the field of office supplies. Under the wings of Hamelin L'Oblique has been able to continue its worldwide expansion in an accelerated pace.

L’Oblique AZ enjoys an excellent reputation what concerns innovation and quality. This is proven by the acquirement of the ISO 9001 certificate. The image of the company is still mostly determined by the brand L’Oblique itself. Almost a third of the turnover has been realized abroad, whereas the company is active in more than 80 countries. The headquarters and the production facilities are located in Lyon, and this is where 50 millions of suspended files are being manufactured.

JM Bruneau offers following products from the extended catalogue of L’Oblique:

  • Ultimate polypropylene suspended files (for drawers and closets): the decorative solution for archiving. The colorful Ultimate suspended files exist in a transparent and non-transparent version. The folders can be attached by means of push-buttons to use the available cardboard space in an optimal way. In order to improve the readability of the labels, the label holders have been equipped with a plastic cover which has an aggrandizing effect.
  • The colorful Ultimate kraft suspension files for drawers and cardboards are made of solid and durable kraft, and they are extra fortified with cotton fibers. The orange suspension files are made in specially developed Ph-neutral kraft to limit the damage of your documents – also by long-term storage- to an absolute minimum. The Velcro link developed by L'Oblique makes sure you can attach several files to one another by means of an extra broad Velcro strip.
  • The L'Oblique Touareg ecological suspension file is the most environmental friendly one that is available. This solid suspension file is made of 100% natural kraft paper (using the FSC certified wood). During the production process dyes, heavy metals and chlorine have been avoided. This ecological reflex has been maintained even for the production of the label holder. The label holder is made of sugar, lactose and is 100% biologically degradable.
  • The Class'n Go archive box for suspended files is a portable archive box in transparent polypropylene. This solution is ideal for the home office or for the transportation of files.

The suspension files of L'Oblique are extremely popular in the business world. The brand L'Oblique is of course very well represented in the assortment of JM Bruneau. For more information about the suspension files of this brand you just need to click here.